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Glanzleistung    Steppin'Out    Interplay For   I Am The Walru
                                 Bass & Drums

  Lotte         Don't Let The   When It Comes   Flugpassagiere
On The Moon      ICE Roll By     To Dream East                               

Morgenregen        Wenn das       Hard Times  Kansas City Southern
               Pinarello fliegt                        
In einem         Freut euch        Come On       Song For A
kühlen Grunde    des Lebens       Christmas     Winter's Night
Virgin Mary       Bring mir       Peregrino       Ist der
                  die Pasta                   Wandersmann gestorben
Hier war ich     Do You Know       Nashville    The Water Is Wide
mal Kind         How It Feels     Skyline Rag 
Sad Eyed Lady    Full Circle      In My Life       Ami Go Home
Of The Lowlands       Song                             
 Die Ahnen